Pragser Wildsee

Dolomites Pragser Wildsee

A weekend of deep clarity about certain things in the mountainous of Italy. I read today: To wake up you “have to die before you die”… interesting Image: Pragser Wildsee, Italia [ceg] 06/2017 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Palomino Hike

Morning Hike

Hiking along the ocean to Palomino River this morning for a wake up bath while the sun just rises. This river springs from the “mother of earth” how the Kogi People call their home mountain. What a privilege swim the fresh clean water. Images: Palomino, […]

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San Andres

San Andres Island

Remote spot far off the Nicaraguan coast, this island called San Andres belongs to Colombia and is a beauty with underwater caves and colorful coral mostly unspoiled by humans. Location/Image: San Andres, Colombia [by ceg] 10/2016 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Palomino days

Current home base Palomino, a small town by the ocean among rivers in beautiful Colombia. It’s holy land for indigenous people living here unchanged since 1000s of years. I will value the land like they do. Images: Palomino, Colombia [ceg] 09/2016 Facebook 0 Twitter

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California Dreamin

Wiltern Theatre is a 12-story, 155-foot Art Deco landmark. Drove by 1000 times. Still liking it mucho! Image: Southern California, USA [ceg] 07/2016 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Spending time in the amazing nature of the Bluntautal this afternoon. How did I not know this for my entire life? Image: Bluntautal, Golling, Austria [ceg] 05/2016 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Colombian Caribbean

On the way to the Beach of this loving small quiet town close to the Ocean in Palomino, Colombia. I have a feeling this will be a longer love affair. Image: Palomino, Colombia [ceg] 02/2016 Facebook 0 Twitter

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