Celebration of light

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Each year Vancouver hosts the “Celebration of light”. Hundreds of thousands of people invade the beaches and watch. It is a fireworks competition between the USA, Spain, Mexico and China that goes on for 2 weeks. Our balcony turned out to be the perfect spot to take some nice pictures. Today it was “Team USA’s” turn and there will be 3 more fire works in the next 2 weeks.

To be honest, after spending 3 Month in China before I came here, and experiencing the Chinese New Year Fire Works which lasted for 3 weeks with no break what so ever, I am confident that when it’s their turn next week they’ll nuke Vancouver into a gazillion parts with their fancy chop stick rockets.

Click here for more cool fire work pictures

image by ceg – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada © 2011


  1. Christian

    Pretty nice… but nothing compared to our little firework in qingdao – right in the middle of the road :)


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