Desert madness

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For the past 2 weeks I have been traveling with Wayne, who is currently running a Marathon each day around the world. Wayne is running for his Organization LoveWorldRun and currently he is on his way from LA to Las Vegas.

No opportunity is being missed to join him for an hour or two of running in the clean, cool and crisp morning desert air while the sun rises. It’s nice to see, hear, smell and feel the surroundings. After running we hang out, we laugh a lot, read, cook delicious food, drink cold beer, play Frisbee and surprisingly we are never bored at all. What a great experience

Image: desert frisbee, nevada, USA 06/2012 by [ceg]

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  1. grias di bua!
    heart si echt wundaschön und sehr gmiatlich au…richtig zum seele baumeln lossn. de fotos kaunn i oba net finden…najo, werdn scho kumma ;-)).
    bis boid mei liaba und weitahin a großortige zeit wünsch i da!

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