Joshua Tree

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OK, I have lived in the US for exactly 6 years and I never made it to Joshua Tree? No way! And so it came that I immediately agreed when Mirko asked me to join him for a camping trip.

We packed our sleeping bags, took the old 4×4 Explorer and escaped to the sandy, dry country side for a joyride into the wilderness.. The park lets you experience the beauty of the dessert, decorated with Joshua trees and thousands of huge solid rocks that make you look and feel very insignificant.

Later, in one of the camping parking lots we filled out our registration card for emergencies. You know, just in case you got eaten by a pack of coyotes or mountain lions or so. The weather was perfect and after an hour hike through the dessert we climbed a massive rock that gave us shelter for the first night. The view was breath taking and watching the sun set was highly calming.

Sitting on top of this rock and falling asleep with an amazing view through the clean dessert air into the sky and watching the millions of stars and comets and the moon, awakens your inner peace. That’s the peace that is just too easy to forget in every day life.

klick here for more cool Joshua pictures

image by ceg – Jushua Tree, California © 2010

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  1. Barbara Wintersteiger

    Hallo Du!!!

    Ich habe deine Geschichten gelesen und bin total begeister davon!!!
    Du solltest eine Buch schreiben, ich wäre die erste die es kauft dass kann ich dir versprechen!!!
    Hoffentlich gehts so weiter, dann wird uns nicht fad!!!

    LG Ronny Babsi und Sophie

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