Bogota Views

Looking out the window here in this twisted Colombian city, this amazing view appeared. One more reason I love to be here while the other one is sitting next to me… Image: Bogota, Colombia [ceg] 02/2016 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Early morning glory

Cruising in the early morning fog through the hills of Upper Austria. The sun rays are doing their magic. Eating away the haze. Just like they eat away my hazy thoughts. Image: Riedau, Upper Austria [ceg] 12/2015 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Costa Rica

For the last few weeks, monkeys are part of our life. So are sloth and bugs and snakes. We are all sharing spaces and get along fine. Image: Cocles, Costa Rica [ceg] 11/2015 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Blurred views

The view out of the plane a few days ago reflected the present moment in a perfect way. Can teardrops fly? Image: Cancun Airport, Mexico by [ceg] 08/2015 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Palo  Duro

Palo Duro

We spend the afternoon deep in Texas Nature. One of us feels what we see. Image: Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, USA by [ceg] 06/2015 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Dos Gatitos

Found these 2 guys screaming in the jungle. They are part of the family now and show us how to relax. (even more) Image: Bruno and Apollo, Tulum, Mexico by [ceg] 05/2015 Facebook 0 Twitter

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Mahina Kahakai

Moon over Sunset Beach on Oahu’s North Shore at 4am in the morning. The reward of getting up early is priceless. Image: Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA by [ceg] 01/2015 Facebook 0 Twitter

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