Road trip up north

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I’ve been in over 30 states and never made it past St. Barbara? It was about damn time to go and see how big California really is. So I took my buddy Juergen by his word when he called and said: “Pack up your shit, we’ll drive a couple thousand miles through the country next week.” We left Long Beach to explore what millions before us explored. The wild bears and dramatic sunsets in Yosemite and the Redwood Trees in Sequoia. San Francisco and back home along the Coast on Pacific Coast Highway No1.

I didn’t tell Juergen, but while we went hiking in the mountains I left the nuts and the chocolate in his rental car, in hope that a hungry bear would smell it from far away and tear the car apart – just to get the action going. But I think bears nowadays are like actors. If the pay isn’t right the show sucks. Other than that… it was fantastic!

image by ceg – Yosemite, California © 2009

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