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Mahina Kahakai

Moon over Sunset Beach on Oahu’s North Shore at 4am in the morning. The reward of getting up early is priceless. Image: Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA by [ceg] 01/2015

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North Shore times

Laid back times here on Oahus North Shore. 40ft waves last week. Unreal and mesmerizing. No way to escape the Hawaiian spirits… Image: Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA by [ceg] 01/2015

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Secret Beach

Foot step in the sand of Kauai’s secret beach. To get here requires you to hike and walk for a while and once there, you don’t want to leave. Ever. Click here to see Secret Beach and many more new Kauai pics Image: Secret Beach, […]

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Years ago in Hawaii I got one of these miniature warriors. It is broken by now but I loved what it looked like. According to the Hawaiian people, they are supposed to save your ass in dangerous situations. On a road trip to Texas a […]

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Waikiki Beach

Usually I try to avoid touristy places but today I couldn’t resist the offer to see the sunset at Waikiki Beach. It is a fun place to be, the water is all green and blue and warm, the air temperature was just gorgeous and like […]

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Hale’iwa’s Art and Turtles

When I arrived in Hawaii last night I had no Idea where I’m gonna end up and how it’s gonna be. I’ve never been on Oahu’s Northshore before. Thanks to my friend I got to hang out at awesome Hale’iwa Arts Festival and I got […]

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Clear waters, turtles, snorkeling, dolphins, lush fern, fresh fruit, sunshine, perfect temperature, magnificent sunsets all contribute to a rather amazing time in life. :) image by ceg – Maui, Hawaii © 2007

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Beautiful Kauai

Touch down in Hawaii again and this time we landed in Kauai. The picture above, taken out of a helicopter, displays the waterfall where once Jurassic Park was filmed. Never have I seen more waterfalls and dense rain forests on one small island. Extinguished volcanos […]

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Kona turtle

Hawaii with all it’s islands and natural beauty is the perfect spot to relax. By accident I took this picture of an amazing turtle. This made my day image by ceg – Kona, Hawaii © 2006

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