What is green and tastes like chicken?

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Looking at the frog on the plate, with it’s juicy legs and fat free meat, I actually wondered how this thing would taste. It must be fresh I thought to myself, after all it was still alive a minute ago. So I took the chance and dipped it in the Hot Pot in front of me for 10 minutes. I felt kinda bad because somehow I like frogs. After all they were responsible for the weather when I grew up. Still, I never tasted one and really wanted to know…

image by ceg – Qingdao, China © 2010


  1. ok…so now you are officially more daring, in the food tasting arena, than I am. YIKES and no thanks!! lol

  2. okay…oiso daunn kaunn i des nächste moi a de nudln mit fischragout mochn…noch dem kaunn di des sicha nimma erschüttern ;-)

    moizeit mei liaba!

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