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Pimp my Yacht

I surly did not know that one could install so many freaking lights and 30 feet tall Santa clauses on a boat. Ahoi! image by ceg – Newport Beach, California © 2008

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Bronti Beach – Sydney

Just returned from one of Sydney’s coolest beaches – Bronti Beach. Big amazing waves and room to surf and swim. If you want to hang out, enjoy nature and nap in the sand, this is the place to be. Say Bondi Beach Good Bye! image […]

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Woolloomooloo what???

Woolloomooloo Bay with it’s Finger Wharf is right next to beautiful Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden. You see all kind of plants and birds. Parrots sit down on your shoulders, squirrels run towards you instead of away and thousands of flying foxes are waiting for dawn […]

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Cool Koala

Watching and petting a Koala is as fascinating as it gets. These little bears are lovely, gentle and seem to be very aware of their surroundings. Love it! image by ceg – Gosford NSW Australia © 2008

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Surfing Avoca Beach

Hey Kelly Slater, I know you are reading this, it’s time to pack your surfboard and make room for the new kid on the block (beach)! image by ceg – Avoca Beach NSW Australia © 2008

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Miss Vanuatu

The organizers of Miss Vanuatu just gave the word “schedule” a whole new meaning. Like everything else on this Island, it appears that also public events are held without a sense of time and even though there was a printed program, it was only good […]

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Who let the dogs out!

Here in Vanuatu, dogs are on every corner. Unless you want to end up as dog food, you don’t want to meet most of them without a fence in between. But there were some exceptions to the rule. This fella for instance :) image by […]

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Tanna Island – Vanuatu

Many amazing stories and tales are told here in Tanna Island. One cool thing is that some of the islanders believe in the rare John Frum cargo cult. Definitely an amusing story how that whole thing evolved!  Mount Yasur, the volcano is spitting wildly and […]

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Port Vila market place

The kids have fun just watching the few white people walking around. I am still amazed by how well they behave compare to what I know. image by ceg – Port Vila, Vanuatu, South Pacific © 2008

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Nambawan sunset

Nice view of the sunset from our favorite little cafe here in Port Vila. And what would you expect from a cafe called Nambawan? Of course, a nambawan sunset! (FYI bislama is the language spoken here in Vanuatu and nambawan in bislama means excellent) image […]

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Hideaway Island

Today’s program? snorkeling at Hideaway Island. Very gorgeous underwater world and some crazy colorful fish there. image by ceg – Hideaway Island, Vanuatu, South Pacific © 2008

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