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Merry Christmas!

I am not a person that celebrates the given holidays. Next Christmas, for a change maybe don’t buy a present… just be present. Be there for the people you love and be aware. Give them a hug and a kiss and a smile… image by […]

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Sing along in Newport Beach

Another nice day at the Beach… The Beach… one of my most favorite spots in the World. John was playing the guitar and sang a bunch of nice songs today.   image by ceg – Newport Beach, California © 2009

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Road trip up north

I’ve been in over 30 states and never made it past St. Barbara? It was about damn time to go and see how big California really is. So I took my buddy Juergen by his word when he called and said: “Pack up your shit, we’ll […]

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Sunflower Festival

Spending time in Austria is always fun! This time before the evening started we went to Claudia’s and Rainer’s house in the “Fuchshub” also called “the Huub” by some of the high ranking locals. The “Huub” seems to be a hot spot for the coolest […]

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Cruising – it’s so easy to feel better

Recipe: Buy old rusty classic car and cruise. Look at nature and connect. Look at life and accept. Go slow. Witness people hurrying from one place to another while you have a good time with your windows down… image by ceg – Seal Beach, California […]

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