Yearly archives of “2010

Bondi Bronti Tamarama

33 Degree Celsius, beach, sunshine, amazing water, great surf and a bunch of Santa Clauses in bikinis have made this years Christmas in Sydney an amazing experience. I also wanna say thanks to all the awesome people that I keep meeting while I travel, for […]

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Just a story

I was just on my way down to this beautiful beach while talking to a good friend on the phone. He reminded me on how we all have our own little stories about our future and why we think we can’t do what we feel […]

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Bowen Island

Sunday morning. It’s beautiful here in Vancouver and as we all know of course, whenever the weather is nice, there is no better way to spend time then to be outdoors! picture by ceg – bowen island, british columbia © 2010

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Sailboat here I come

To live on a sailboat and to feel the ocean. To own less and to experience more. To watch the sunset and to stare into the sky. To sip on a glass of wine on deck and then to go down below and to sip […]

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Barefoot in the sand

To feel connected with the earth, to be grounded. Being barefoot is just that. Grounded in the sand for miles and miles like here in the dunes of the magnificent Oregon pacific coast . It’s easy to forget the world around you. It’s easy just […]

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Everyone knows how much it sucks to drive in thick fog and nasty weather. Well that’s basically what I’ve done for about an hour on this particular morning after suddenly, as I was going uphill, I noticed the fog getting thinner and thinner. I had […]

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The tourist and the fisherman

This pictures kind of reminds me of this story about “the tourist and the fisherman”. I heard it a long time ago and it is stuck in my head since then. Let me tell you, being a fisherman is not so bad after all, and […]

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Cool people and good food. What more can you wish for on a Friday afternoon. Whistler, for everyone who doesn’t know is a little village in the Canadian mountains! They hosted the Olympic Winter Games 2010 and I can see how it must have been […]

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Early mornings in Malibu

Beach weekend again! We saw a school of Dolphins swimming by, accompanying the kayaks and stand up paddler and there were seals playing in the water further away. The perfect setting to calm down (even more). image by ceg – Malibu, California © 2010

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Skinny dipping

Got into the bus and headed straight towards Wreck Beach. I heard that’s where Canadians can be completely themselves by sunbathing nude. Of course I needed to participate and in midst of hippies and students, young and old, athletic and chubby, I dropped all my […]

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English Bay

Just a moment ago, here in downtown Vancouver I witnessed this beautiful early night sky. image by ceg – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada © 2010

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