A little taste of Belgrade

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What did I learn in the last few days?

I learned that I have to drink schnaps before I eat my food and not after I eat. I also learned that the coolest bars in Belgrade are hidden so well, not even people in Belgrade know about them. And I learned that the Serbian language is actually similar to the German if you need a toilette or want to buy marmalade.

I learned that the hostels here offer great and clean accommodation and I learned that saying no to meat causes amazement and I learned that cappuccino is only for pussies. People here are tough, it seems like even school girls drink double shot espressos.

My impression: Great city, good food, lots of coffee houses, bars, bistros, little stores, little streets, green parks, old buildings and awesome locals – like the one showing me around :)

image by ceg – Belgrade, Serbia © 2011

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