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Road trip with family to Joshua Tree National Park. One of the most wonderful places on earth. Image: Joshua Tree, CA USA by [ceg] 02/2021

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Dreamin in California

California is a bit rough around the edges these days however there are pockets full of joy for spending time with my dearest family. Image: Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA USA by [ceg] 12/2020

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Da ko tas

Spent summer time in North Dakota with lovely people. The weather turns cold slowly, time to leave. Image: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota USA by [ceg] 08/2020

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Grand Teton

Spent the day in nature driving through Grand Teton and enjoying amazing views all along. Image: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming USA by [ceg] 07/2020

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Crater Lake

Oceans and Canyons

Again and again amazing, always new, never the same when you drive along the US west coast pacific ocean. After a sharp right turn, the trip continued through the dry Christmas Valley towards green lush Idahos mountains… Thanks Dad, for joining me… :) Top Image: […]

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Southern Vibes

A month of southern hospitality with family has ended and eye opening views, beautiful experiences and historical facts have changed once again how I look at life… Sweet memories. Image: Charlston, SC, USA by [ceg] 05/2018

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Tulum Nights

Mellow days here in beautiful Tulum. Although the town is growing fast the beach is outstanding and not too busy.  There is always one more night in Tulum… Image: Tulum, Mexico by [ceg] 12/2017

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