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Spending time in the amazing nature of the Bluntautal this afternoon. How did I not know this for my entire life? Image: Bluntautal, Golling, Austria [ceg] 05/2016

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Early morning glory

Cruising in the early morning fog through the hills of Upper Austria. The sun rays are doing their magic. Eating away the haze. Just like they eat away my hazy thoughts. Image: Riedau, Upper Austria [ceg] 12/2015

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Deep in the Austrian mountains on a beautiful hike through a lush juicy grassland after a nourishing rain shower. Nourishing also for the soul… Image: Wildschonau, Thierbach – Austria by [ceg] 05/2014

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A few weeks in Hamburg. Good food, beer and lot’s of rain belong here. This picture is taken in the cool neighborhood “Schanzenviertel”… good times, good parties :)

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