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Crater Lake

Oceans and Canyons

Again and again amazing, always new, never the same when you drive along the US west coast pacific ocean. After a sharp right turn, the trip continued through the dry Christmas Valley towards green lush Idahos mountains… Thanks Dad, for joining me… :) Top Image: […]

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Sailboat here I come

To live on a sailboat and to feel the ocean. To own less and to experience more. To watch the sunset and to stare into the sky. To sip on a glass of wine on deck and then to go down below and to sip […]

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Barefoot in the sand

To feel connected with the earth, to be grounded. Being barefoot is just that. Grounded in the sand for miles and miles like here in the dunes of the magnificent Oregon pacific coast . It’s easy to forget the world around you. It’s easy just […]

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