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Look in between

Spent a gorgeous few hours with close family in midst the Andes nature. Nothing special in this image you might think but look twice I say. Image: OBSERVATORIO DE COLIBRIES, La Calera, Colombia by [cristina] 03/2020

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Palomino River

Into the wild

Walk up with a refreshing early morning walk to Palomino River where sacred mountain water from the Colombian Sierra Nevada meets the wild ocean to reunite once again. Image: Palomino, Colombia by [ceg] 09/2018

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Riding the Tiger

These days are all about releasing, Yoga, Shamanism, intuitive knowledge and healing plants.  Living the way of ancient tantric philosophy, meditation and feeling the pristine nature of the Andes Mountains around Quito.  Image: Tumbaco, Ecuador [ceg] 11/2017

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Morning Hike

Hiking along the ocean to Palomino River this morning for a wake up bath while the sun just rises. This river springs from the “mother of earth” how the Kogi People call their home mountain. What a privilege swim the fresh clean water. Images: Palomino, […]

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San Andres Island

Remote spot far off the Nicaraguan coast, this island called San Andres belongs to Colombia and is a beauty with underwater caves and colorful coral mostly unspoiled by humans. Location/Image: San Andres, Colombia [by ceg] 10/2016

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Palomino days

Current home base Palomino, a small town by the ocean among rivers in beautiful Colombia. It’s holy land for indigenous people living here unchanged since 1000s of years. I will value the land like they do. Images: Palomino, Colombia [ceg] 09/2016

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Colombian Caribbean

On the way to the Beach of this loving small quiet town close to the Ocean in Palomino, Colombia. I have a feeling this will be a longer love affair. Image: Palomino, Colombia [ceg] 02/2016

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Where the Hell is Nunchia?

This year I am happy to escape the Christmas craziness in the remote area of Casanare, Colombia. While the capital city Yopal is more or less just your regular city with traffic and much people, you’ll be amazed by the positive change of scenery once […]

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Salento, very close to the Vale de Cocora, in the Andes outskirts of Colombia is a beautiful Village full with life during the day, amazing nature, birds, wildlife and silent nights… Check out the newest Colombia pics in the Album Image: Salento, Colombia by [ceg] […]

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