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Road trip with family to Joshua Tree National Park. One of the most wonderful places on earth. Image: Joshua Tree, CA USA by [ceg] 02/2021

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Grand Teton

Spent the day in nature driving through Grand Teton and enjoying amazing views all along. Image: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming USA by [ceg] 07/2020

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Crater Lake

Oceans and Canyons

Again and again amazing, always new, never the same when you drive along the US west coast pacific ocean. After a sharp right turn, the trip continued through the dry Christmas Valley towards green lush Idahos mountains… Thanks Dad, for joining me… :) Top Image: […]

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The Livingroom

Late afternoon. Locals call the place “The living-room”. Couldn’t think of a better spot to watch the night slowly absorb the last sun rays. Image: Salt Lake City by [ceg] 07/2014

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Abendrot, this red light in the late evening hours while the sun goes down for another night… Image: Newport Beach, CA by [ceg] 03/2014

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Dumas Mornings II

Exactly a year ago I posted Dumas Mornings. Coincidentally I am here a year later and got to experience yet another wonderful Sunrise this morning. Image: Dumas, Texas by [ceg] 03/2014

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