Tanna Island – Vanuatu

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Many amazing stories and tales are told here in Tanna Island. One cool thing is that some of the islanders believe in the rare John Frum cargo cult. Definitely an amusing story how that whole thing evolved!  Mount Yasur, the volcano is spitting wildly and actively every day and you can hear it hissing like a crazy beast from far away. Standing right on the rim and watching lava shooting out and above us was quiet a trip.

A long time ago, drawn by the light of the volcano, Captain Cook sailed on the HMS Resolution into a beautiful bay, and shortly after that that Bay was named Port Resolution. While being here, it was easy to imaging how all of that took place centuries ago.

Tanna is just a magnificent Island with pristine beaches. Very remote and not touristy at all. It’s simple and basic. I’ll be back for sure!

Don’t forget to check out all the Tanna pics in the album.

image by ceg – Tanna, Vanuatu, South Pacific © 2008

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