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Right now we are getting ready for Cyclone Yasi and just last Sunday we experienced a 6.6 earthquake but I still have nothing but positive to say about this country and would move here in a heartbeat. Vanuatu, a South Pacific island nation, remote and most of it still isolated from the Western world. A paradise for many. For countless reasons for me too…

One of them being the children. I wish I could hug them all with their white teeth and huge smiles. Also, nagging and begging I still have not seen here, whether in a taxi bus, in the boat, in the supermarket or just on the beach. The only time you hear screams is when you pass by a group of children merrily splashing in the sea. Games are played with all that nature puts into their path.

Another reason is the positive attitude of the locals in (by Western standards) annoying situations:

  • Tropical, sudden down-poring rain? No problem. It’s only water and at least the clothes get washed.
  • Mosquitoes, spiders and beetles? What the hell, we live in the jungle. And the critters were here millions of years before us.
  • Humidity and heat? Keeps the pores clean and at least one never needs to heat up his house.
  • Line of people in the market? Ideal opportunity to chat to the man in front about the last Kava session.
  • Waiting times? HA! best time for a nap on a park bench!

These are all things that upset the majority of residents in the western world. Complaining is a stupid habit which we all, some more, some less, are involved in. Accepting and adapting is the key to a better life.

The cool thing is, in places like Vanuatu, it is easy to remember, how simple life can be. Running around in the rain and then jumping with all your clothes (good thing you don’t need a lot) in the clear warm ocean. How nice.

It is an incredibly liberating feeling to walk through the lush rain forest to the beach, the barking dog with his tongue exploring everything and wild horses galloping past.

All this takes place without wasting a thought that the hike through rough terrain can be dangerous or hazards may lurk in the sea and mosquitoes could transmit malaria. Having these thoughts has to be far more dangerous than Not having them. They distract me from reality. From Now.

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